Creating Your Pelvic Floor Health Upgrade – Gooch Ball Bonus


Your Pelvic Floor Basics online e-course offers you lots of great info on the various ways you can sit on your ball, plus an entire bonus fascia release series (say hello to better joint movement and more flexibility)!

This educational series will offer you ideas to use your ball to provide relief from low back and hip tightness, upper back and neck tension, shoulder tightness, and headaches.

I have also included a bonus 30-minute workout called Cooch Ball Tone. We get to move together using your Cooch Ball as resistance and a bit of instability. Resistance + instability = a good muscle burn!! Now a tighter butt and better core strength are a possibility with this Cooch Ball workout!

  1. Step 1: Getting Started With Your Cooch Ball (6min)
  2. Step 2: Ladies, Get To Know Your Pelvic Floor (11min)
  3. Step 3: Cooch How To Instructions (14min)
  4. Cooch Ball Tone Class (28min)
  5. Pelvic Floor Secrets Webinar (1hr)
  6. Jana Sharing Testimonials (3min)
  7. The Cooch Ball Science (5min)
  8. Why Use The Coochball? (2.5min)